Privilege Walk

So in class awhile back, we watched this video. This video is something that has stuck with me for a number of reasons. The first reason is that I am always so consumed in what is going wrong in my life that I have no time to think about the things that other people are (or could be) going through. I do have a lot … Continue reading Privilege Walk

Hear Me Roar

As I was going through my morning pages for my CO301d class, I noticed that I am missing three of the blog posts! That being said, this blog post and the two after it will be make-up morning pages. I am not one to speak out in class. I am not one to raise my hand and ask a question. I am not one to … Continue reading Hear Me Roar

Imagination And The Classroom

I was reading through a connected learning website, when one educator in particular stood out to me. Cas Holman seemed to have a lot of the same key beliefs about education as me, so I thought that I would share. The article about Holman starts with her key takeaways about connected learning. Those key takeaways are: Design learning materials for play and discovery-ideally, without instruction … Continue reading Imagination And The Classroom

Connected Learning

For this post, I am going to focus on responding to the connected learning websites question: what would it mean to think of education as a process of guiding youths’ active participation in public life that includes civic engagement, and intellectual, social, recreational, and career-relevant pursuits? The first thing that I thought about after reading this question was: what can I as an educator do … Continue reading Connected Learning